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Yishay Ron Production Studios 

"That feeling that we've turned imagination into reality gives immense satisfaction."

Sound equipment

Yishay is a Music & Sound professional with experience in a variety of fields, such as branding, project & team management, sales, pedagogical developments, narration, aod, video editing & copywriting.
For the past twenty years, Yishay had the pleasure of participating in multiple projects that accumulated millions of views In the global & Israeli industries (music, broadcast media, dubbing, shows & online), alongside projects for big and small organizations, brands & municipal councils.

Yishay has a unique eye for identifying your project's needs and matching the right tools for Bringing your vision to life.


To lead artists, brands & organizations to tell their stories by creating unique, innovative, powerful & accurate productions.

In every project, we assimilate our ability to produce harmony between the creative, technical, and research elements, which help us to strengthen brands, empower our customers, and strive to create a life of abundance and self-fulfillment - for them.


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